Science and Humanities

The department caters to courses in Basic Sciences and Communication Skills.


  • Applied Physics Lab
  • Applied Chemistry Lab
  • Language Lab

Applied Physics Lab

This laboratory is used by first year students to learn basic measurements, using different equipment, and observational procedures used in science and engineering.

Following are the list of Experiments in Semester 1

  1. Measurements and unit conversion
  2. Use of Vernier Caliper
  3. Use of Screw Gauge
  4. Simple Pendulum to find g
  5. Surface Tension of water
  6. Viscosity
  7. Young’s Modulus
  8. Thermal Conductivity of copper

Following are list of Experiments in Semester 2

  1. Ohm’s law
  2. Specific resistance using meter bridge
  3. Law of resistances in series
  4. Law of resistances in parallel
  5. Comparison of EMF of 2 cells
  6. Internal resistance of the cell
  7. Velocity of sound
  8. Refractive Index of glass


Laboratory Assistant:  Ms. Maria Femy Vaz

Laboratory Attendant: Mrs. Shilpa Yemkar

Applied Chemistry Lab

Chemistry Practicals:


  1. At the end of the program the student will have knowledge about volumetric analysis in acidimetric, alkalimetric and permagnometric titration and their applications.
  2. To get knowledge of estimation of total hardness,temporary and permanent hardness in the hard water sample.
  3. To get knowledge about measurement of pH and to calculate hydrogen ion concentration in a solution.
  4. To understand the progress of a chemical reaction by measuring its electrolytic conductivity using a conductometer.
  5. To understand the process of corrosion by the action of acids and bases on the metal Aluminum.

Language Lab

LAB INCHARGE (Name designation): Mrs. Sharon Fernandes e Menezes, Lecturer in English (Selection Grade)

LAB OBJECTIVE: – (Brief writeup on objectives considering the subjects in which practicals are done):

The main objectives of the Language Laboratory are:

  1. To meet the curricular demands of Communication skills and Business Communication for the students of Mechanical Engineering, Electrical and Electronic Engineering and Computer Engineering.
  2. To prepare students for job interviews, public speaking, art of conversation, group discussion and debates, screening movies, motivational talks and discourses and creating mock situations to participate.
  3. To be an equal opportunity language learning platform for independent self-development in the language, such as listening and re-listeningto audio recording, testing themselves on grammar rules and practicing vocabulary using software or by login into language development sites.

LAB EQUIPMENTS: – Provide List lab equipment of available in the lab:

Sr.No Name of equipment to be procured Detailed Specification

(Please give enclosure reference)

Quantity in


1. Computer • Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit OS or higher

• 3.4GHz Intel Core i7-2600 processor or higher

•  4GB DDR3 RAM or higher

•  1TB Hard Disk Drive or higher


• Gigabit Ethernet LAN and Wireless Adapter

• 7.1 channel HD audio

• 2 x USB v3.0 port

• 6 x USB v2.0 port

• 1 x HDMI port

• 1 x Microphone jack

• 1 x headset jack

• 1 x SPDIF Digital Output with preloaded latest windows operating system with 3 years warranty, LED Monitor 17 inches ,Antivirus Software.

2. Handicam with Tripod Image Sensor 1/2.88 type “Exmor R” CMOS Sensor

Pixels for Still Image Recording Max. 12.0 Megapixel (4,000 x 3,000, 4:3)

Gross pixels 6,631K pixels

Effective Pixels Movie Approx. 4,150K pixels (16:9)

Still Approx. 6,000K pixels (4:3)

Zoom Movie Optical: 12x Digital: 150x

Still Optical: 12x

SteadyShot Optical SteadyShot (New Active Mode, Active Lens Method)

Internal Memory Capacity 64GB


– HDMI Mini Connector

-A/V Remote jack

-Active Interface Shoe

-USB jack (USB 2.0HI-Speed)


3. LCD Projector 1)Technology-

Liquid Crystal display

2. Brightness –

2200 ANSI Lumens or Above

3. Contrast Ratio-

Minimum 500: 1

4. Resolution –

1024 x 768 (XGA)

Supports up to UXGA+

5. Throw Distance: 3.1 meter

Image Size: 100” min. (diagonally)

6. Auto Keystone Correction

7. Terminals

RGB In – 2nos., Video In, S Video In, Audio In, Audio Out,

RJ45, Serial Port

8. Uniformity

Not Less Than 90%

9. Video Compatibility


10. Weight

Not more than 2.5 kg.

11. Built in Speaker

Min. 1 W

12. Lamp Life

Not less than 5000 hrs.

13. Operating Temperature

5 Degree to 40 degree Centigrade

14. Bulb Protection

Direct Power Off

15. Index Window

Can split the Screen into two windows, right and left


4. Amplifier with Mixer Specifications Performance

Frequency Response (at 1 watt from 4-ohm tap):

70 Hz to 19 kHz ± 1 dB.

Frequency Response (at line out): 20 Hz to 20

kHz ± 1 dB.

Power Bandwidth (at 4-ohm tap, 2 dB below

maximum 1 kHz power): 50 Hz to 20 kHz with

< 0.5% THD

Signal to Noise Ratio (ref. to rated power,

master volume at minimum): 85 dB.

DC Output Offset: < ±5 mV.

THD: Less than 0.5% at rated power at 1 kHz.

Input Sensitivity (for full output at maximum


Balanced mic inputs: 3 mV.

Balanced line inputs: 800 mV.

RCA connectors: 400 mV.

5. Television Set (LED) video:
motion Plus: 60hz
display Colours : 1.06 Billion
mega Contrast Ratio : 1000000:1Resolution :1920 X 1080
viewing Angle: 178(h)/178(v)
brightness: 450cd/M2connectivity:
dvd Compatibility (ypbpr/Ycbcr) : 2
usb Input2.0 : USB 2.0(720p Movie With Divx)
hdmi Input : 3
rf : 1
av In (rear/Side) : 2
pc Audio In : 1
ak Out : 1
operating Voltage : 110~240v 50/60hz
d-sub 15(vga In) : 1
power Consumption : 100w
pc(vga In) : 1
6. Air Conditioner(split) 1.5 TR, Single Phase, Stabilizer free, 5-star rating.


7. Computer Table Size in(L XB XH )mm: 1000 x 600 x 750mm,Keyboard Pull-out tray, drawer & Top made of: MDF 15
8. Computer Chair

(Adjustable Cum

Revolving Type)

Size in (WXDXH) mm: 725X725X850, Seat

(+Adj.): 425 +100, Type: Synchronic

Tilt, Seat Size: Single Seat 525 +/- 25, Back

Type: Fixed Back, Arm set: With

9. Lectern Built-in 60W RMS Amplifier.

• Built-in Speakers.

• Built-in Goose Neck Mike.

• Built-in Podium Reading Light. • Built-in two wireless Microphone Receiver.

• Supplied with two wireless Handheld Microphone.

• Can connect to external Amplifier and Speakers.

• Operatable on external UPS.

• Can handle up to 300 – 350 Audience.

• Truly Plug & Play. No wiring, connectivity etc.

10. Language Lab software SPEARS Language Lab software 1 + 15 Users


Following English language and communication skills related laboratory sessions are be conducted here:

  1. Grammar of English Language: Practice and Exercises
  2. Vocabulary Building Skills
  3. Active Listening Skills
  4. Reading Comprehension
  5. Business Letter Writing
  6. Oral Presentations (Self Introduction, Extempore, Public Speech, Formal Presentation, Use of AV Aids, etc.)
  7. Group Discussion (Unstructured & Structured)
  8. Mastering Presentation Tools (Microsoft Word & Power Point)
  9. Preparation of & Appearing for job Interview
  10. Situational Conversations
  11. Understanding Importance of Body Language

Mrs. Preetha R. Rao

Lecturer in Physics

(Selection Grade)

Mrs Sharon Fernandes e Menezes

Lecturer in English

(Selection Grade)

Dr. Sangita V. Kamat

Lecturer in Mathematics

(Selection Grade)


Mrs. Classie Monteiro

Lecturer in Chemistry

Antonio L. Costa

Femy Vaz