Stores Section

The requirement of purchase of various items is identified by the respective departments and sections. With the approval from the Principal, the stores section then looks into procuring these items with the assistance of the concerned staff that is in charge of their respective departments. Stationary that is regularly required by the Institute is identified and processed by the store section itself.

Purchases are made under petty cash purchase, purchases under limited quotation, Purchases under Open Tender. These purchases are made as per the procedure set down by General Financial Rules. The purchased items along with a detailed specification are then written in the stock register along with quantity and appropriate price. It is then indented and issued to the concerned authority.


Mrs Sharon Fernandes e Menezes

Mrs. Sharon Fernandes e Menezes

Lecture in Charge of Stores

Mr. Shashikant D. Chari


Mangesh Laad

Store Keeper

Reema Bhagat