Establishment Section

Establishment section deals with the following day to day administration of the institute.

Departmental correspondence, quotations, supply orders and preparing Comparative statements
Maintaining of inward / outward / LAQ register, Leave Service books records, Attendance / leave file / Increment registers, etc.
Issue of ID cards, Scholarship, free ship, etc is done through this department.


The account section coordinates the various activities relating to accounts and financial matter of the institute.
The main function of this section is as follows:

Writing of Revenue & P.D.A. cash books, preparation of Challan & maintenance of Challan file, Challan Register. To scrutinize the payments of various bills including salary bills received from staff, Stores & Stationary section, etc. and submit the bills to the Directorate of Accounts, Margao for payment.
To receive payments from students / staff with respect to admission fees, tuition fees, library deposits, printout charges, Xerox charges, fines etc.
Maintenance of Permanent Advance Register & Expenditure, Register of impress cash, Pass Book, Encashment of Cheque files, Bill Register and maintenance of Advance withdrawal file
Monthly returns of revenues & expenditure to Finance Department.
To pay refundable deposits such as library, caution money etc. to the students when students leave the institute.

The refundable deposit is paid to the students only after the issue of No Dues Certificate from all the Departments. Any dues incurred by the student due to loss / damage of library books or loss / damage to institute property equipments / apparatus is recovered from the students at the time of refunding the deposits. All deposits after deducting the dues if any, is refunded by the students within six months from the last day of leaving the institute, failing which the deposits is be forfeited to the Government. Original receipt shall be submitted for refund.