Mechanical Engineering Laboratories

This department is designed with Laboratories which have well maintained equipments, test rigs and Tools.

This department has following laboratories:
i. Applied Mechanics
ii. Heat power & Kinematic
iii. Material Testing
v. Metrology & Mechatronics
vi. Hydraulics

This department also has fully fledged workshop consisting of
i. Machine shop
ii. Carpentry section
iii. Fitting section
iv. Welding section

Applied Mechanics Lab consists of
1. Friction Apparatus
2. Lami’s Theorem & law of Parallelogram of forces apparatus.
3. Single Purchase Crab.
4. Double Purchase Crab.
5. Simple Screw jack
6. Differential wheel & Axle.
7. Universal Force Table.
8. Bell Crank Lever.
9. Apparatus for reaction of Beams.
10. Varignons Theorem Apparatus.
11. Jib Crane
12. Geared Pulley Block, Chain pulley Block, Fly wheel, etc

Heat power & Kinematic Lab consists of
1. Diesel Engine Test Rig.
2. Refrigeration Test Rig.
4. Balancing Apparatus.
5. Experimental Gyroscope.
6. Reciprocating Air Compressor.
7. Models of Lancashire, Cornish, Babcock & Wilcox, Locomotive, Cochran, Marcet Boilers.
8. Cut section models of two stroke & four stroke I.C engines, fuel injectors, spark plugs, carburetors, ignition coil, Turbo Charger, Battery, Ignition coil.
9. Models of MPFI system, Steering system & suspension system.

Material Testing Lab consists of
1. Hardness Testing Machine.
2. Impact Testing Machine.
3. Torsion Testing Machine.

CAD-CAM Lab consists of
1. 20 Workstations.
3. 10 licensed copies of THINK3 software.
5. CNC wirecut m/c with ELCAM software.

Metrology & Mechatronics Lab consists of
1. Tool makers microscope.
2. Sine bars & slip gauges.
3. Dial indicators.
4. Optical flatness measuring instrument.
5. Profile Projector.
6. Surface plate.
7. Different types of calipers & measuring instruments.
8. Robotic Arm.

Hydraulics Lab consists of
1. Bernoulli’s Theorem Apparatus.
2. Pipe friction Apparatus.
3. Centrifugal pump Test rig.
4. Reciprocating Pump Test rig.
5. Pelton Wheel Turbine Test rig.
6. Orifice & Mouthpiece Apparatus.
7. Models of Pneumatic parts.
8. Models of Air vessel, Impellers.

Workshop has following main machine tools.
1. 7 Geared Lathes.
2. Universal Milling M/c
3. Surface grinder.
4. Bench grinder.
5. Cylindrical grinding machine.
6. Pillar type drilling machines.
7. Hydraulic Power Hack Saw.
8. Universal tool cutter grinder.
9. Radial Drilling Machine.
10. Tool craft Pantograph Machine.
11. Electric arc welding transformers.