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Electronics Engg

The Department is well equipped for teaching and is continually upgrading its laboratories to expose the students to the latest equipment in Electrical & Electronics Engineering .The Students are also allowed to use laboratories for their project work.

Currently there are three laboratories in the department.

Lab I:-Basic Electrical laboratory

It contains Electrical meters, such as Ammeters ,Voltmeters,Wattmeters ,Galvanometers, frequency meters, Power factor meters.etc in sufficient number Single Phase transformer, Three phase loading Rheostat, single phase loading rheostat.


Lab II: Applied Electronics Laboratory

It contains equipments such as Regulated Power Supply, Cathode Ray Oscilloscope, Function generator, 8085 –Microprocessor Kit, Interfacing Kits, 16-bit digital kits, Electronic Communication Kits, Electronic Instrumentation Kits, and Power Electronics Kits, Electronic Circuit Kits, Soldering Iron ,de soldering pump &wire, different types of resistors,capacitors.transistors and  IC  Tester etc.


Lab III: Electrical Machines Laboratory


It contains  Electrical motors such as DC Shunt Motor, Pole changing Induction Motor,D.C.Supply ,Squirrel cage induction motor(Single Phase & Three Phase),Schrage  Commutator Motor,Synchoronous Motors,Dc Compound Motor Coupled to DC generation.

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